Tech Leader, Entrepreneur, CTO, Advisor.

Hi, I'm Lance Ennen. As a seasoned software entrepreneur and tech advisor, I specialize in guiding both startups and Fortune 100 companies through the intricate journey of launching and scaling cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Leveraging my deep expertise in blockchain, AI, and a suite of modern technologies, I'm committed to transforming your innovative visions into impactful digital solutions.

Who Is Lance Ennen?

A seasoned software entrepreneur and technical visionary with over 15 years of groundbreaking work in the tech industry. My journey, deeply rooted in a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, has seen the birth and growth of numerous successful startups, reshaping how technology intersects with business.

As a specialist in JavaScript/Typescript, Node.js, Solidity, React, React-Native, and GraphQL, my technical expertise spans a wide array of programming languages and frameworks. I am particularly focused on integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence into practical solutions, addressing current and future market needs. This journey has led to my pivotal role in co-founding Cerebrum, a company revolutionizing digital identity and verifiable credentials.

Recent Work

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